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Altavoz Bluetooth bombilla inteligente MiPow Playbulb Color Opiniones

No es sólo una bombilla ordinaria, la MiPow PlayBulb es una bombilla con altavoz Bluetooth LED. Le permite combinar la luz con la música, todo ello controlado desde su teléfono inteligente, Playbulb del MiPow da vida a su hogar.
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  • Overall Satisfaction
Excellent product
This was just what I wanted to create an atmosphere in the dining room, the light colour can be changed, and the ability to play music is just perfect. The sound is really very good.

The bulb is very easy to control with the app.

I would recommend this product.
Jane Watson 22nd April 2016
Mipow play bulb colour Bluetooth speaker unit Chichester
  • Overall Satisfaction
Excellent product
I'm a great fan of the playbulb products, already had 3 of their candles when decided to buy the lamp. It's just the same great quality and it's easy to set up and operate. Just keep in mind that you have to connect it twice to your device - for the light and for the speaker. The speaker is remarkably good gives perfect sound for a bedroom. I bought it for my kids bedroom and now they are able to listen to their favourite musik and also change the colour or intense of the light. That's very appropriate for a bedroom. You could also set a timer - for the lamp/music to go off or on for desired time. Excellent product!

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